Working Together

What you can expect in a session 

  • A safe, respectful, relaxed space in which to explore
  • An empathic, non-judgemental listener
  • A self-directed approach

Emotional health depends on healthy mutual relationships. Interpersonal connection is both the process and the goal of relational psychotherapy. We work together to gain increased awareness of the ways that negative patterns might be holding you back.

We look at how these patterns have come about — and continue to be shaped by — significant relationships in your life, both past and present. We also pay attention to the relationship between us as we work together.

There are no easy answers in therapy. However, having someone meet you just as you are right now, can help ease the overwhelmed feeling of going it alone. Together we will focus on your needs, your strengths and your goals.

Growth and empowerment come from increased self-awareness.

As we make meaning of your experience together, it will help you to see yourself with greater clarity and treat yourself more kindly. As you transform the way you see yourself, your confidence and well-being in the world is strengthened.