Hi and welcome,

You may be visiting this site to learn a bit about me and how I work, or how psychotherapy may be of benefit to you. I hope these pages will give you an idea of how I can help. Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions or to learn more about working together.

People come to therapy for all kinds of reasons. We all face periods of hardship when we need the support of an empathic ally.

Challenging life events, transitions, confusing emotions, difficulty in relationships… these can all get in our way of engaging fully in life. Whether the issue is new or long-standing, it can feel overwhelming. During these times, talking helps.

As a relational psychotherapist, I provide a safe, confidential space where you can speak openly, without fear of judgement, about what’s happening in your life. I listen deeply to your story, helping you to explore your thoughts and feelings. This is client focussed, client centred work; we take things at a pace that feels right for you.

Many people come to therapy simply to gain greater self awareness or to find more ease and connectedness in the world. I welcome whatever you are looking to explore. Therapy is for anyone who is willing to open up and look inward.

My office is a welcoming, relaxed, LGBTQ+ positive space in which you are assured of my respect for your autonomy and privacy.