Relationships / Couples

Close relationships are deeply rewarding — and can be equally challenging.

Whether you are seeking relationship help with your partner(s), family member or friend, the relational approach offers a safe space to explore what is getting in your way of the relationship you want.

I listen closely to each of you, helping you to explore your individual experiences and the dynamic forming between you as a result of these experiences. We work together to spot negative patterns that are forming or that may be stuck on repeat. And we work together to create a space where each of you can speak your truth and be heard with empathy and compassion by each other.

As you hone listening skills, you open up more space for each other’s experience and learn to communicate more effectively. As you gain insight into your negative patterns, you open up more choice in navigating the inevitable difficulties that arise in close relationships. As you learn how to be a support for each other, you deepen your connection and foster greater wellbeing — of yourselves and the relationship.